My Favorite On-The-Go Bites at Racetrac

According to a 2016 survey done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans spend an average of 293 hours behind the wheel in a year. I love a good road trip but let’s be honest – the longer the drive, the quicker the fun diminishes. I absolutely despise being in the car for a long time! I have to share the auxiliary cord with the other riders, my butt hurts from being in one spot for hours and I can’t write at all or use my computer for long. BOOOO! I know going to sleep is always an option but I’m one of those people who doesn’t trust the driver to stay awake unless I’m awake too. Crazy, I know. Don’t judge me!
Anyways, whenever I see that we’re getting close to a service station or convenience store on our way to the destination, I get really excited. It gives me an opportunity to get out of the car and stretch my legs, walk around and sightsee but most importantly, I can get a snack or two.

Let’s be honest again. Nine times out of 10 the food at the service station looks unappetizing, to put it nicely. The meats look rancid and the beverage stations are always sticky. In most cases I’d rather starve or buy a candy bar instead of taking a chance on the food. So when I was invited to attend the “housewarming party” for a freshly remodeled RaceTrac store in New Orleans to sample their new foods and preview all their new additions, I could not resist.

On our way to the party, Tony and I tried to guess what foods we’d get a chance to sample. We knew there would likely be sandwiches but we were blown away by the taste, quality and all the different food and beverage options available at the Jefferson Highway location.

Before I get to the food, I must say that I was impressed by the overall design of the store.

It was very well lit, all the patio furniture and surrounding areas were clean and there was additional parking at the side entrance, which comes in handy when the service station is busy. An added bonus was the outdoor electrical outlets that allow you to plug in your phones or any other electronic device for charging on-the-go. For a computer junkie like myself, this is a major plus. I actually ended up having to use the added feature because my phone wouldn’t hold its charge. It was a life saver!

Once inside, it was hard to believe that I was inside a service station.

It felt more like a deli or grocery store, which made me a lot more comfortable with trying the food. There were so many amazing and modern features that I don’t really know where to start. Besides the made to order menu, there was a kiosk in the middle of the store where you could order and pay for your food. There was a wine rack, a coffee station, topping bars and even a frozen yogurt area!

I sampled so many good foods, I left with a full tummy! Here are my favorite bites from RaceTrac Made:

Meatball Sub Sandwich – It was soooooo good! The bread was soft and there was the perfect ratio sauce to meat ratio. The meat even had a spicy kick (gotta love New Orleans) and made me feel as though I was eating a gourmet meal in a restaurant – not like I was in a service station.

Tiger’s Blood Frozen Yogurt – Listen…I’ve never had frozen yogurt before because I thought it would taste like, well, frozen yogurt. I’ve never been more wrong. It was the best thing I had all night. Better than ice cream. Better than a sno-cone. Better than an Icee. It was so good. I topped it with my favorite candy, sour gummy worms, for the perfect touch.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie – I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches about three times a week, never in a million years would I have thought about having it in smoothie form. It tasted just like the sandwich but a little sweeter.

The coffee station was also a beauty. It contained different flavors of coffee and even had the gourmet creamers that I have at home. I took a walk on the wild side and tried the Pumpkin flavored coffee (after being dared by the manager) and I actually liked it. I guess the pumpkin spice coffee hype is real…but more on that when I update my Fall Bucket List progress.

This is a service station that your kids will love. No, I take that back. Your entire family will love stopping at RaceTrac for fuel, snacks or even lunch or dinner. I had such a great time and I cannot wait to go back!

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