Before I had the slightest clue that I was pregnant somehow or another I came across the DockATot. I remember thinking that it was the cutest little thing and such a clever invention. A few months after discovering that I was expecting my first child (I guess the universe was preparing me mentally for the news) the DockATot was at the top of my list of must-have baby items.


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Like most pregnant women, I researched all things baby nonstop. When I got well into my third trimester my research became more focused on safe sleeping methods. I’d attended about three parenting classes and the sleeping portion of the classes is what the educators focused on most so as my due date got closer, I knew I’d have to make a decision about how he would sleep.

Common sense and a few years of babysitting experience had taught me that babies are supposed to sleep on their backs to minimize the risk of SIDS. However, I didn’t know that making sure Marley was in a safe sleeping environment would cause ME to lose sleep!

The DockATot is a multi-functional sleeper and baby lounger handmade in Europe that comes in two sizes – Deluxe for 0-8 months (which is what I have) and Grand for 9-36 months.

I’d received the DockATot about three weeks before my son was born but the sleeping classes made me afraid to use it so we opted for other sleeping methods until my anxiety took over and I needed him in bed next to me. Let’s just say that the DockATot has been heaven sent! I recommend this over any other sleeping solution for your newborn.

I use it by having it right next to me in bed and when the room is cooler than normal, I drape his blanket across it over his waist. It took him a few tries to get used to it but the second week we used it, he slept through the entire night.

I also use this when we travel or I leave him with a family member while we’re out running errands.

It comes with handles so you can move it easily and the breathable, 100% cotton cover comes off so that you can wash it once it gets dirty…or if your son pees in it, like mine has. It’s also practically impossible to roll over on your child while you’re sleeping because of the cushioned sides.
I had the best sleep of my postpartum life once we finally started using this.

This is probably one of five items on my newborn/baby must-have list. I would not be surviving nights and being able to get work done if it wasn’t for this!

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