When I found out that I was having a boy I freaked out. I had no experience with boys whatsoever and our family is full of little girls, who are all too old to hang with babies. Who would my son play with? Who would I do all my holiday crafts with now? And how on earth would I be able to change his diaper?

I know, I know. I’m a grown woman and shouldn’t have felt that way about changing a baby boy’s diaper…but I did. My church members scheduled me in the nursery during my pregnancy and I had the pleasure of changing a baby boy’s diaper for the first time in my life. It was not an easy feat. I simply didn’t know how to handle “it,” if you know what I mean. I took that as a sure sign that I needed to do some research online before my son made his debut.

I learned a few things after searching forums and message boards but over time I’ve developed my own little diaper hacks. Keep reading for tips on baby boy diaper changes!


First things first, you want to make sure you have all the right tools for getting the job done.
Sam’s Club is the perfect place to buy diapers. My favorite benefit of being a member is that you get more bang for your buck. Now that I’m a mom, saving as much as I can is always one of my main goals. When babies are new they go through a lot of diapers. Not only that, if you’re anything like me you may make mistakes while changing your baby and will need to use more than the average number in a day. Therefore you can never go wrong when purchasing diapers in bulk. Marley is six months old now and I’ve tried at least four different brands of diapers. Huggies® Little Movers is by far my favorite. They don’t swell up when they’re wet, they keep Marley dry and their texture is great. If you join your local Sam’s Club now you’ll get $45 Instant Savings when you buy any three participating Huggies products.

Don’t be afraid to go larger.
It won’t hurt your baby if his diapers are one size up from his current size. Actually going up a size will help prevent leaks. Babies move and wiggle and when they’re getting picked up and put down, their diapers shift. Even if they’re in their correct size according to their weight, they can still experience leaks because of it. An easy fix is to always go up one size, it won’t be too bulky like you may think.

Prepare your changing station in advance by keeping it fully stocked.
I quickly learned that preparation is a major key with babies. Having things ready in advanced makes everything easier. I always keep a changing station ready for Marley whether we’re in the bedroom or another area of the house. It contains three diapers, his tub of wipes and baby powder. Having everything I need within arms reach allows me to change him very quickly. Speaking of being quick, another benefit of being a member of Sam’s Club is that you can use their Scan & Go shopping feature. My local club can get busy and babies just don’t always like being in one place for too long. Being able to scan while I shop and pay with the app is a life saver! All you have to do is show your receipt at the door.

Make sure to point his wee-wee down.
When I learned this trick, the game changed. I would pick him up and feel his entire back wet from urine. We went through so many diapers and onesies. I knew that his diapers were the correct size and that I’d changed him in a reasonable amount of time so I couldn’t understand why he was wetting himself up his back every diaper change. After his circumcision healed I began pointing his penis downward and voila! No more back leaks!

You don’t need a ton of wipes, even if he has pooped.
I’m almost embarrassed to admit this but I would use 10 wipes per diaper change. *face palm* You do not need that many wipes for simple urine changes or minor poop changes. However your baby will have the occasional blowout that will require you to use more. We have the bulk packs from Sam’s Club that come with the wipe container (which I love!) inside. The container is so convenient and it helps you change a lot quicker and easier because you’re not fiddling with a pack. You can restock it as often as you need and the remaining diapers are in a resealable pack, which keeps them moist.

Make sure he’s finished before you change his poopie diaper.
Last but not least, make sure your baby is completely done pooping before you change. Sometimes they stop grunting but that doesn’t mean they’re done. I’ve been sprayed with pee and poop at least twice and that was enough for me to give him some time.

I hope these hacks help you because they sure helped me!

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