You’re Not Alone


I’ve been reading a new book by Paul Angone called “101 Secrets For Your Twenties” and it made me realize that even as and when I think my life is full of craziness and no one would understand what I’m going through, there is someone out there who is experiencing the same exact thing. Or even better, there’s someone who has gone through it and can help me do the same, minus all the scratches and bruises.

The first half of my twenties was rough! I was struggling to make ends meet, working shitty jobs, suffering from low self esteem, gaining weight at the speed of light, in the middle of a dysfunctional relationship and trying to figure out who I was all at the same damn time! There were days when I cried myself to sleep and others when I didn’t want to get out of bed and deal with what that particular day had brought. I needed non-judgmental encouragement from someone who had walked my path to let me know I was going to be OK and things would get better because I definitely did not see it for myself. I was spiritual but even my spirituality was attacked by some of what I was going through. I was forgetting where my help was coming from.

If you feel the same, let me be the first to tell you that you are not alone

Working a lousy job even though you’ve graduated and have all the qualifications to get a job in your field? I did that.

Feel like you’re not good enough no matter how hard you try to be? I’ve been there.

Someone you loved with all your heart betrayed you? I can write a book about that one.

Not sure which direction to go in because they all seem both amazing and like bad ideas at the same time? I’m going through that now!

The point I’m trying to make here is that we all share similar struggles. The dollar amount, characters, locations and circumstances may be different but I’m willing to bet that there’s someone you’re close to who can relate. Don’t let Facebook fool you. Some of your Facebook friends should be publicists for all the good PR work they’re doing on their page.

It’s OK to say that sometimes life isn’t great because – let’s be real – it’s not always great.

Every day is not always a good day and you don’t have to pretend like it is. You’ll drive yourself cray cray! I’m by no means saying that you should be a pessimist with a horrible outlook on life, but we’ve somehow lost the art of being real and human and allowing ourselves to feel things, even when they aren’t so good. My struggles and obstacles have shaped me into the woman I am at this very moment and I’m so thankful. I have a long way to go but I know that I’m not alone in this journey.

If you need encouragement or just want to vent, feel free to do so…I have a whole comment section waiting on ya! You can even send me an email if you want. I’m here for you…we’re all in this adventure called life together.


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