Young, Happy & Free!


I think I’m experiencing that part of life that old folks tell you that you should go through before you settle down and start a family. I feel an overwhelming sense of youth, happiness and freedom! Maybe it’s because I no longer dwell on the things that are going wrong or not necessarily the way I want them to…or it could be that I’m my first priority. I’m not really sure of the source of this feeling, but I know that I am loving every moment of it. 

I was always the serious one out of all my friends for the longest. I wanted to grow up and get life “right” and it caused me to miss out on the joys of being young. At the age of 25 (soon to be 26), I’m finally realizing just how young I am. While I still take life seriously, I’ve learned that I can’t control every single thing that happens and I should embrace every step in my journey to wherever God is taking me – good or bad.

Bad day? Oh well, it always gets better!

You don’t like they way I look? Look away, I’m not going to change for you!

Failed relationship? Ahhh there’s so many options out here…don’t force it.

The point I’m trying to make is that letting go and letting things play out the way they are meant to play out saves you a lot of stress and helps you find freedom and a happiness on the inside that doesn’t go away with every situation you go through. It’s everlasting…it’s real and it’s the best feeling ever. You should try it ;-)





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