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Yep, I Colored My Natural Hair AGAIN

If you’ve been keeping up with my hair posts, you already know how much I want to rock blonde hair. I don’t have a particular reason why…I just love Tanika Ray‘s hair and I really think I could pull off a similar look.   

Back in February, I went to the salon and got my hair colored for the first time in my life. My hair really didn’t change much, if at all and since then I’ve colored it three more times.

My last attempt was with a different, darker version of blonde by Textures and Tones. The color is actually their 6BV Bronze. In the past, I’ve tried the honey blonde tone but I figured if I started with a darker version, it would be easier to get it lighter as time passes if that makes sense.

The first day, my hair was this copper color, which was ok with me. It was lighter than my previous color so I was cool with it.

Day 1 Results

The texture of my hair was normal, which made me really happy. When I got it done in the salon, I left with very dry, brittle hair. After that, I vowed to always style my own hair since I know how to best take care of it.

Results after 1 week

By the end of the first week, my hair had lightened significantly and now I’m not so sure if I like it. I do have a tan from my trip to Blue Bayou, which affects the way it looks on me, but the color is kind of dull in my opinion.

I’m going to stop coloring for awhile and really think about this blonde ambition, LOL. I may need to just stick with my natural color, which is off black. Natural hair gets boring after awhile (like all hair does) and adding color helps to spice things up.

Have you colored your hair? What was your experience?

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