Yea or Nay: Matching Tattoos [photos]

In fairy tales you get the feeling that love is everlasting and eternal…you know, “happily ever after.” Unfortunately that is not always the case in real life. A picture posted on Instagram this morning made me think about matching tattoos and why we feel the need to get them, how many of us actually have them and whether or not there is any regret after the relationship fails or just in general.

My mom is probably going to side-eye me just because I know she reads this site and I know how she is, but I actually have a matching tattoo. It’s really small and simple and I don’t think that it’s what you would call a bad one. It holds a double meaning. Should things between me and that person ever go south (there is always that potential) I can live with it. Mostly because regardless of the status of our relationship, we still share a bond that can never be taken away – friendship and unconditional love.

When we first got them, I admit I thought “now why did we do that,” but then as and when he didn’t have any doubts I guess it made me feel better. And we’re not the only ones! Several high profile (and everyday) couples have inked their love. My personal favorite is Khloe’ and Lamar’s tattoos…we actually thought about getting ours in the same places but decided not to.

Khloe’ & Lamar’s matching tats

View the gallery below for photos:

What is your take on matching tattoos? Do you have one? Would you ever get one?

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