Y’all Do Know That ‘Cuffing Season’ Is a Joke Right?

It’s time to tell summer goodbye and for some this means saying hello to a new (or old) boo for “cuffing season.”   

In case you don’t know what cuffing season is, it’s basically as and when people find a new love interest for the colder months of the year and then get dropped when summer rolls around and the clothes get skimpier.

The idea behind cuffing season is that no one wants to be alone during the winter, the holidays and such. And let’s just be honest here…the winter season is VERY romantic on its own, with or without anyone adding to the experience for you.

I joked a little on Twitter about it (hopefully no one thought I was serious) and even said I was going to be “cuffed” but it was all in good, Twitter fun. Then there were others who made these stupid a*s comments like, “I’m not cuffed for a season, I’m cuffed for a lifetime.” -___-

Here’s my opinion – cuffing season is a JOKE and if you truly take it seriously, you need prayer. 

First off, if you only want love in your life during the winter to keep you from being lonely…that is a HORRIBLE reason to get involved with anyone! As an adult, there are more important matters to be concerned with than having a boo to unwrap presents with. Furthermore, you can’t put a time limit on your feelings and only having someone around for roughly 4 months isn’t fair to them.

There is a little pressure that comes with celebrating the holidays that could make someone a little edgy about having a significant other such as holiday parties or Valentine’s Day…maybe even celebrating with your family who keeps asking you why you aren’t married yet. But don’t let those factors encourage you to get into a dead end relationship just for the sake of having one.

Do you believe in cuffing season? Share your thoughts with me!

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