Wrap It Up :: STD Doesn’t Respond To Antibiotics, Becoming a Public Health Crisis

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an emerging public health crisis is upon us and at the center of it is an STD that does not respond to antibiotics.

I’ve never been a person who has casual bad word. Not me. Ain’t gone happen. But for those who do, I would advise you to wrap up your lady and man parts because the STD epidemic is real. 

Last month, WHO released a global action plan to encourage greater awareness, advocacy and research into gonorrhea treatment failure. Yes, failure.

Countries all over the world – Austria, France, Japan, UK – are reporting cases of gonorrhea that do not respond to cephalosporin antibiotics –  the LAST treatment option against gonorrhea. What is so disturbing is that these are countries with advanced health care systems.

The consequences of this disease are definitely not worth the few minutes you’ll spend contracting it. In both men and women, the disease can cause infertility and over half of babies born to infected mothers have severe eye infections, often leading to blindness. The same prevention messages apply, just as with HIV/AIDS – practice safe bad word, use condoms and LIMIT your number of bad wordual partners.


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