Words of Wisdom: Don’t Take Your Parents For Granted

Ah, the parentals. Sometimes you can’t live with them and it is so hard to live without them. I was writing in my journal earlier about my Dad and how we celebrated Father’s Day and it made me realize how even though I don’t try to, I’ve taken my parents for granted. 

I’m 24 and it’s safe to say I’m pretty independent. I’m a very hard worker, I rarely ask my parents for money, I’ve learned how to handle tough situations and I don’t share a lot about the struggles I do have with my mom and dad.

As I saw the different tweets going out into the Twittersphere today either expressing gratitude for having an active father or bitterness about being left by a deadbeat dad, one thing I noticed was that my peers who had lost their fathers spoke about how precious the parent-child relationship is. It made me think…

I don’t tell my parents “thank you” or “I love you” half as much as I should be telling them. Don’t get me wrong, I do make it known how much I care about them, but it isn’t something I say every day or every week for that matter. I’ve found that I put more energy into relationships that aren’t as important as the one I have with those who gave me life and raised me to be the person I am today.

Both of my parents have made so many sacrifices for me and my siblings and have given so much of themselves to make sure we have never gone without. I don’t think I could ever thank them enough, really.

One thing growing older and wiser has taught me is that time is so precious. It is the one thing in life that we misuse the most. We waste it, miscalculate it and disrespect it. Most importantly, we don’t value it.

I challenge those of us who still have our parents in our lives and have fallen short on gratitude to do a better job of thanking them and showing them how much we really appreciate and love them. Try and learn all we can from them and give them back all the love and sacrifice they’ve given to us.

Have you ever taken your parents for granted? 

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