Word On The Street :: The Journalists On Rihanna’s Unapologetic “777 Tour” Are Upset, But Are They Being Ungrateful?

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Rihanna invited about 200 people including journalists, fans and label execs to board a chartered Boeing 777 plane and join her on her highly anticipated “777 Tour” where she will be performing seven shows in seven different countries in seven days.

Sounds like a party right? Well…not really.

Instead of this being a positive press moment for the rock star, journalists have been complaining and blogging about how they haven’t seen Rihanna, the food is bad and they’re ready to get back to “civilization.”

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Nicole Spence of Global Grind blogged about her experience in a post titled “The 777 Tour: We Love The Way You Lie”:

The name of the tour is 777, but the name of the album is Unapologetic. And now all 200 journalists that are being flown across the world with Rihanna knows she means that shit; she’s not sorry at all. At this point, we have all reached new heights in our delirium.

I’m not quite sure why all the stellar journalists were invited on this trip, because I don’t think she wants us here honestly. The tour has been Ground Hog Day at best, the same ish everyday. Every night we only get 2 hours of sleep, barely edible food, but tons of booze, then rushed to our home on the bus, to sit and wait for the singer who has no intention of arriving until the afternoon.

*Flava Flav voice* Wooooowwwww!

And Nicole isn’t the only person complaining about the tour. Other journalists have been writing that they were tired, miserable, haven’t had much access to Rihanna and how frustrated they are.

My response: get over it! Enjoy the moment that YOU signed up for. Come on now, we all know Rihanna does not care what the media says (or anyone for that matter) about her, clearly…her album title is Unapologetic. I personally feel that these people who were invited on this tour should be grateful for the experience and take what they can from it.

Rihanna is the star, you’re the reporter and were lucky enough to be included on the tour. There are plenty of journalists (like myself) who would feel honored to even be considered and to even participate and see parts of the world I may not otherwise get the opportunity to visit – whether or not I see more airport than landscape – I’d be grateful.

The bad part is that Rihanna’s camp probably didn’t think this whole tour through enough. I’m sure there are things that they could’ve planned differently such as a day where the star had to sit with the reporters and maybe limiting the number of people they chose to bring on board.

What do you think of all this? Do the reporters have a right to be upset? Is Rihanna in the wrong?



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