Woman Who Quit Her Job With Dancing Video Gets Hired By Queen Latifah


We saw this one coming.

When you make the risky but nonetheless brilliant decision to quit your job by creating a video that proves the point of why you’re quitting and it goes viral, chances are you’ll have job offers come your way really soon after. That’s exactly what happened for Marina Shifrin.

You may remember her “interpretive dance” video she created to inform her boss that she was quitting (if you haven’t seen it, watch it here), well it caught the attention of actress/talk show host Queen Latifah. Shifrin was invited to Queen Latifah’s talk show to talk about the video and during their interview, Queen Latifah offered her a position to be a digital content producer for the talk show.

This is an example where it pays to be completely fearless. Check out the video of Shifrin on the show below.

SOURCE: Clutch

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