Woman Sues Subway After Employee Writes ‘Big Mama’ On Her Pizza Box


A California woman is suing Subway after hurtful words were written on her flatbread pizza box.

Allison Brown, 45, plans to file a lawsuit against Subway after an employee wrote the words “Big Mama” on  an order she’d placed at the franchise’s Vista, California location. Her lawsuit will demand that sensitivity training be a part of Subway’s franchise agreements.


Brown says that as and when she saw the words written on her box on March 27, she was “mortified.”

“I just broke down crying. I couldn’t eat it. I kept thinking, ‘Big Mama’ doesn’t need to eat. It started really messing with me. I started thinking, ‘Maybe I need surgery. Do I really look that bad? What’s wrong with me?'”

Brown immediately contacted the restaurant owner and was told that the employee admitted to writing the remarks. Brown was told by the owner that the employee “didn’t know any better” and was asked not to go to the media.

“He begged me not to go to the media, so I tried to work with him, but then nobody was calling me back. It’s not right. This really hurt me.”

Brown vows that she will never eat at another Subway.

Source: NY Daily

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