SMH :: Woman Kidnapped, Raped For 5 Hours In Her Car On Christmas


L to R: Kevin Jones (17), Kewon Matthews (17) and Brehon Rawlings (19)

Three teenagers are in custody after they forced their way into a 22-year-old woman’s car on Christmas day and drove around Philadelphia beating and raping her.

Shortly before midnight on Christmas, the 22-year-old victim was in her car waiting for her boyfriend to come out of a bar as and when three men approached her (one with a gun) and forced their way into her Jeep Cherokee. They forced her to move to the back seat and perform bad word acts on them even though she repeatedly vomited on them, according to court documents.

The men also hit her and stole several items from her car including her Coach purse, wallet, car stereo, cell phone, GPS system and more. After realizing she had a two-year-old daughter, the teens threatened her life and her daughter’s if she said anything to police.

Kewon Matthews (17) and Kevin Jones (17) were both arrested at a friend’s house after police were called to the residence by the friend’s mother. Matthews and Jones gave the name of the third suspect Brehon Rawlings (19) who was arrested after being found hiding in his bathtub.

(Philly.com | NewsOne)


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