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Going Natural :: Why I Stopped Relaxing My Hair

The Relaxed Days

With my one year natural hair anniversary only 22 days away, I thought I would write a few posts leading up to my decision to go natural. I guess I can start with the question I was asked most as and when I started transitioning…


Honestly, I started my natural hair journey by accident LOL. I was wearing weaves and before I knew it, I hadn’t seen my hair in three months. My last relaxer was in December of 2010. I was doing them myself for the most part and I just got tired of buying them and having to take the time to let it sit and really process. I remember washing them out too soon and still having a fair amount of new growth. So I just got a sew-in and forgot about it.

When I got ready to take the weave out mid-January, I noticed what my hair had done. It had begun to wave up at my roots in a way I had never seen it do before. And I thought…I bet this would be cute if I let it continue to grow out… Not only that, my hair has always reached shoulder length and would never grow any longer. It baffled me! I also had a weak spot from pulling my hair back in a bun so many times a week (I did ballet, jazz and modern dance and we HAD to wear our hair in buns). I just really wanted healthy, thick, BIG hair. I felt like I would have a lot more versatility so I wouldn’t need to wear weave as often. And if I wanted it straight again, the look was only a flat iron away.

So, I started the transition phase. This was probably the most exciting phase of this whole natural hair process. I was on YouTube for hours at a time watching videos from popular natural hair figures such as NikkiMae2003, Taren916, LoveIslandBeauty, SimplYounique and more. I mostly wore flexi-rod styles. I kept it pinned up most of the time and I washed it almost every single day. In my mind I thought that the more I washed it, the faster my relaxer would grow out. I became so anxious to see my hair in its naturally curly state that I impulsively chopped it all off! Below are some photos from my relaxed hair days up until when I started to transition to natural hair.

I’ll be posting more about my journey as I get closer to my hair anniversary.

Relaxed Hair – 2009

Relaxed Hair – 2009

Relaxed Hair, New Cut! – May 2010

Started letting it grow out – Dec. 2010

Quick weave style while transitioning

New growth – Feb. 2011

Transition Pin-up Style – March 2011

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