Whit’s Wisdom: Your Season Will Change So Let It Rain


I can remember plenty of stormy weeks living in Southeast Mississippi. Oh, but as and when he storm lets up, the sun is shining bright, and the flowers are glistening all around. I’m enlightened. Moreover, I’m appreciative. You can’t appreciate the sun if there’s never any rain.

Of course, it’s a lot like life. If you don’t have a struggle, if everything comes easy, if your every day in life is all glitter and gold. Then you won’t appreciate life, you’ll take it for granted.

My friend had a rainy season, she had some major health issues. They caused her to have to resign from her job. Her money was low at this point. Her body was in pain all the time. It was a tough period in her life. But her season is shifting. She’s still recovering but she’s back working and slowly coming into her new and improved self. The sun is peeking through.

In contrast, I have a friend who’s sun is always shining (according to him). When he gets a little arrogant, I always tell him: “Your season will change. Not to tear you down, but to build you up.” I tell him this because, arrogance leads to shame. That’s why it’s important to be humble while your sun is shining because sooner or later it has to storm. And you never know who you will need to bring you a little sunshine.

“Some people feel the rain, other people get wet.” – Bob Marley

Feel the rain, don’t just get wet (depressed, doubtful, angry..etc). You’ll miss the learning opportunity if you focus on the negative! The negative things are like seeds being planted. When these seeds bud it can either be weeds (more negativity) or flowers (positive growth). The definition of weeds: something unwanted and in competition with cultivating plants. Think about it.

My advice: Use the rain for growth into your season of sunshine and flowers. Growth comes from rain, in life and in nature.

Keep pressing and let it rain!

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