Whit’s Wisdom :: Who You Are = Who You Need


It’s important that as individuals we get to know ourselves. I can’t stress it enough! Knowing yourself will show you what paths to take and what decisions to make. It can reveal to you who and what you need in your life.

There will be mistakes. But, mistakes build character and reveal our true self even more. Mistakes are stepping stones to greater.

I’m wondering if we did more self evaluations would there be less Mary Janes and more Claire Huxtables. Or less Stevie Js and more Hill Harpers.

I challenge you to look in the mirror or practice introspection throughout the days and nights. This can be extremely valuable as we tend to become out of touch with the essence of who we are. And some of us never learn. Too busy living in the past, settling, or chasing after dreams instead of realities.

Who you are will show you who and what you need. The answer is in the mirror.

Keep pressing and practice introspection.

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