Whit’s Wisdom: We Will Continue To Rise Up


I mean it’s 2014. Why are we still here?

What are you afraid of?

Is it our African descent?

Is it because you know the truth of our capabilities?

Are you afraid to admit you wouldn’t be where you are if it wasn’t for us?

Are we intimidating?

Do we scare you?

Is it the way we talk or dress?

Is it our pride?

Is it our joy?

Are you jealous?

Do you feel threatened by us?

Is it our resilience that confuses you?

Are we becoming too smart?

Too educated?

Well guess what. We will continue. It’s only the beginning. We won’t go away. We will continue to overcome. We will continue to rise up.

One day those that have been last will be first. Keep killing us. We are being reborn. Keep locking us up. We will attain freedom. We have attained freedom. Keep trying to hold us down. We will continue to rise up.

We won’t retaliate. We will elevate. We will love. We will have joy. You can’t take it away. Do you know why? It’s because you didn’t give it to us. Your tactics are getting old. We are fed up. You have only added fuel to our fire to overcome. We will continue to rise up.

In your many attempts to destroy us, our testimony in the end will be unity. We will continue to rise up.

Rest in love to the many Mike Browns, Trayvon Martins, Sean Bells, And Emmett Tills.

We will never forget.

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