Whit’s Wisdom: Unlearn The Conditioning We’ve Grown Used To

I wanted to go to cosmetology school but I was “smart” so I applied to colleges instead.

I was accepted to every college I applied to and ultimately I chose Jackson State University. I had a great learning and life experience there. After graduating, I went for my master’s degree. Why? Because I’m a scholar and scholars have licenses and degree abbreviations behind their names. It’s expected of me since I’m so “smart.”

I complete my master’s program at the University of Southern Mississippi and there I was…still unfulfilled. I then enter the workforce of working for the missions of others…at this point, I’m very unfulfilled.

I land this job that had decent pay and ranking. I made it to the management position with hard work, no vacations, late nights, hostile environments and dictators for superiors. Totally unfulfilled.

Finally it clicked… I’m an artist, I’m a creative being…I write…I design…I plan…I manage…I promote.

So I quit.

I quit faking it and I decided to be who God created me to be, a boss.

I realized what we’re told about college is not the whole truth. Sure, college is great, but we have been conditioned to go to school and get a job and work for someone else. Not to go to school to become versatile, well rounded, or creative and work for ourselves.

True enough everyone isn’t equipped nor does everyone have the desire to be a business owner, but we should know that option is attainable.

Now I realize my educational background is a plus to becoming a business owner. I also realize that my ability to sacrifice for the jobs I wasn’t passionate about was a testament to how passionate I would be in following my dreams. I now know that my hopes of becoming a hair stylist isn’t beneath me but beyond my wildest dreams. And because I’m “smart,” I will succeed.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Unlearn the conditioning we have been accustomed to. Your ability is limitless.

Keep pressing and go for it!

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