Whit’s Wisdom: The Thirst is Real

thirsty-guyIt’s hard dating sometimes these days.

It seems like efforts are unmatched and the art of pursuit has been defiled by labels like thirsty. Silly me for thinking pursuit and courtship were good things.

The saying “the thirst” or “the thirst is real” usually means that a person’s desire is fueled by desperation. When you’re desperate for someone or something, you would do anything to get it.

Is thirst a bad thing? I think it can be as and when it’s desperate but pursuit and going after what you want, from a genuine place, is a great thing.

People have made pursuit seem like a bad thing, especially in the art of dating and I believe that it comes from not being able to get over rejection. We live in a society where self esteem is at an all time low. Whether you’ve been rejected by a job or by someone, it doesn’t define who you are or your potential. I believe that what God has for you, it is meticulously for you. Every detail. So don’t be afraid to try!

So I’d say that the thirst is real for me. I’ve always gone after what I want. Why stop now? It’s never been from desperation, only from the confidence I have within, knowing my value and not compromising myself or my values.

Whatever it is that you desire, go after it. Whomever you desire, go after them. You won’t know unless you try and if it’s not successful, well at least you know!

You’ll only know the measure of your thirst by how much you visualize the quench of it.

Keep pressing and satisfy your thirst.

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