Whit’s Wisdom: Respect Is The MINIMUM Requirement


I think respect should be a minimum social requirement and responsibility among people. Many people say respect has to be earned and I will agree to a certain extent, but even those who do not respect themselves deserve to be treated with respect. Who knows, it could be a learning opportunity for them.

Since we are at the beginning of NBA Finals 2014 and Game 1 was crazy in a lot of ways, I will share this with you: I do not like Lebron James.

The guy just whines too much for me. Hence, his crying about cramps during the first game. However, with all his whining, I respect him. He’s a talented athlete. I mean he had to be to make it to the NBA. My unsolicited opinion about his whining really means nothing, but even still I have to show my respect for the facts that make up a person. My respect for someone should not be affected by my opinion of that certain someone. You ever heard the statement, “you don’t have to like it, but you will respect it”? Same concept.

If we had more respect for each other the world could be a better place. Doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone, just means we can live in harmony. Respect doesn’t require feelings. Just simply treating people how you would like to be treated.

Keep pressing and be respectful!

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