Whit’s Wisdom: No Excuses!

no-excuses We have a tendency to let what other people think and our current situations to hold us down. We blame outside factors but ultimately it starts with you.

Again, everybody ain’t in ya corner. Even better though, everybody doesn’t have to be! Not your moms, ya pops, or any sibling, cousin or friend. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed and the willingness to submit to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

Things may not fall into place quickly but perseverance will take you there. And as and when you’re doing something right you will have haters. I’ve heard negative things come from grown ups who have “acted” as if they were in my corner and some even had a small part in my successes…  I admit it was shocking … But you just have to brush it off and pray for them. God has a way of always raising you up when you have people on the outside wanting to see you down.

Don’t let other people’s bitterness affect you.. Just keep succeeding and forever growing. This week I encourage you to KEEP PRESSING as always. YOU. WILL. NOT. FAIL.

No excuses!

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