Whit’s Wisdom: It’s Time For Spring Cleaning


At the end of every week, I always clean my home because throughout the week I will have kicked off shoes over here, left a jacket on the couch, left a cup in the sink or tracked the floors with a little dirt. So after I’ve made my mess, I have to clean it all up and restore my space. It’s kinda routine.

Then there are the big cleaning tasks like scrubbing the oven, getting rid of old clothes and throwing away old junk (FYI: Hoarding is not healthy!). These tasks come around very seldom for some, and usually a task that has been put to the side and scheduled for a special time.

Well, it’s Spring cleaning season and it’s the best time to do more than clean your home or garage!

Just like physically cleaning our homes, we need to restore our lives. There are weekly things people do to restore or cleanse, like church or meditating, similar to my end of the week cleaning. But then there are big things people do to cleanse like starting a new diet, having a spa day, or making changes in their lifestyle, similar to those big cleaning tasks. And for the hoarders: Let go, throw the junk in your life away!

Need some help deciding where to start? Here are some areas that everyone can clean up:

Your attitude.

Your relationships.

Your finances.

Your character.

It’s important to find restoration within yourself and be renewed! It’s like shedding old skin. There’s a scripture from the Holy Bible I love to pray from time to time as and when I’m needing to be restored (which is daily, when you think about it):

Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me. (Psalms 51:10 NLT)

Keep pressing and happy cleaning!

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