Whit’s Wisdom: Independence Vs. Dependence

1929696958_mmw_independent_xlarge“She got her own car, she got her own crib, two jobs, works hard…” (yea I rocks with Boosie).

On the surface level, we define those things as being independent. What an accomplishment to sit back and see where you are in life versus where you’ve come from?

Every single day we grow. We become more self-governing, more self reliant, more autonomous and more capable of thinking and living for ourselves. Hence, we become more independent.

I believe in our independence but I believe that we grow more dependent as well.

Don’t we depend on validation?

Don’t we depend on recognition?

Don’t we depend on support? Love? A higher power?

I say we do and I don’t think there’s a problem with that either.

I recently accepted a new position at my job and boy am I nervous! But my dependence on God, knowing my capabilities and with the support of my loved ones, I have confidence in my independence.

Because my dad is in a nursing home, I often see elderly people who go months and years without seeing family and loved ones. It’s really sad. And then I wonder what led them to this lonely place in life? Choice or force?

So in our pursuits to attain success, status, nice things and independence, don’t negate the intangible things that we depend on to motivate and keep us grounded. Pride and arrogance can lead to a lonely road ahead.

I encourage you to depend on the things that matter to fuel you in your independence. No man is an island.

Keep pressing.

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