Whit’s Wisdom: How To Really Show Your Love


In honor of Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s only right that I talk about love. For “show” love, to be exact.

I’ve been asking people during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day what they will be doing for their significant other. A lot of men’s responses have been that they have been with their ladies for a while now and that they should know  by now they are loved.

At first my reaction was like how lazy is that! But then I spoke with my aunt. She and her husband have been together for over 40 years. Her response to my question was, “Baby, we have Valentine’s everyday. If my leg is bothering me, he rubs it. If we feel like going to dinner we go. If I see something he may like in the store, I buy it.”

Now that’s a valentine. That’s love.

There’s something more precious and invaluable than grabbing gifts and sending flowers. It’s showing everyday love, not just on holidays.

Of course, I encourage the lovers out there to enjoy the weekend and celebrate it to the fullest. However, don’t get caught up in the “show.” Anyone can buy a gift or send a flower one day out of the year but being a valentine 365 days out of the year…That’s beautiful.

Evaluate your love. Is your partner showing you or are you doing things just for show?

Keep pressing and celebrate Valentine’s Day, everyday.

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