Whit’s Wisdom: Forgive Yourself


What did you do? Hurt someone? Did you mistreat someone? Disappoint your parents? Did you betray a friend? Did you compromise your faith? Your integrity? Did you cheat? Did you lie? Did you fail your family?  Did you do something illegal?

What’s done is done. But if you’re still struggling with it, it’s time to forgive yourself! If you’re a Christian, it’s the perfect time to reflect and be reminded of how bright our future is with Jesus during this Easter holiday.

Jesus’ death was the most profound sacrifice, evident through His words to God: “forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  In His death our transgressions lost their power. So you see, we give our mistakes power as and when we they don’t have any! Jesus knew how blind, lost, and sinful we could be. But His love is there for us despite our mistakes and imperfections. And if God forgives, why shouldn’t we?

I know moving on is hard, but we have to. The mistakes we make build character. It’s all about growth. If you can’t look in the mirror and love the reflection you see, you can’t live in your full potential. Not forgiving yourself is a self inflicted burden. It’s a chain. It’s hindering you from the potential of your future.

Stand in your truth and look forward in the future you have! If you have life, you have the opportunity to do things different. The key is learning from your past.

Keep pressing and forgive yourself!

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