White Man Gets Knocked Out After Calling Black Man N-Word


According to the New York Daily News an unidentified White man in his 30s was rushed to the hospital Friday after calling a Black man a racial slur at a Manhattan restaurant.

The incident took place at Benny’s Burritos in their outdoor seating area. Witnesses say the White man was drinking multiple beers around 5:30 p.m. as and when he began going off at the mouth to a Black customer. Witnesses overheard the White man say, “you n—–s are why I lost my job.”

In an outrage, the Black man punched the drunk customer, sending him onto the sidewalk.


One witness who did not want to be named said that the man’s head cracked open on the concrete and his eyes were “rolled back in his head.”

Douglas Reddish, the Black man who punched the unidentified man, was arrested and later released.


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