Whit Wisdom: Your Words Have Power


There is a scripture in the Holy Bible (Chapter 3 of the Book of James) that basically illustrates how complex and contradictory humans can be. Humans have the power to tame wild animals, yet we can’t seem to be able to tame our tongues.

This says to me that there is power in the tongue, there is power in the words we speak. The tongue can speak life or death and the tongue also speaks negativity or positivity. If a person grows up in a negative environment with a parent speaking death and negativity such as “you’re sorry”, “you’re stupid”, “you’ll never be anything”… Then at some point that person who is hearing this negativity will believe what has been constantly said to them.

There’s another verse in the Holy Bible that says: “The ear tests words as the tongue tastes food.” (Job 12:11 NCV)

I love that. It says that I have the power to reject unwanted words! I have the power to reject someone not speaking life, I have the power to reject negativity. I don’t have to allow people’s words to affect me. I don’t have to ingest the negative words people try to feed me.

On the flip side, everyone isn’t strong enough to reject the things that people say. So in order to hold ourselves accountable and ensure we aren’t the ones bringing negativity to people, it’s important that we take responsibility for what comes out of our mouth!

Here are two simple ways to guard your mouth and ears:

1. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
2. Don’t believe everything you hear. (Even if its someone’s opinion about you, you don’t have to believe it.)

I know, I know… Common cliches huh!? You’ve probably heard those two phrases more than once in your lifetime. But if you’ve rejected these gems, chances are you ingesting negativity and speaking it. Furthermore, you probably have little or no control over your tongue and more than likely you haven’t realized the power of words!

Take heed and be more mindful of what you speak and absorb!

Keep pressing and speak life!

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