Whit Wisdom: What About Your Friends?


Sometimes friends will stick closer to you than siblings.

And although you love the crew you call friends, are they good for you?

I know you probably thought I would be speaking on the beauty of friendship, but I wanna talk about the beast of it. Every relationship that we have carried with us into our present life hasn’t been the best and sometimes it’s important to lighten our load for the future.

As I get older in age, I’m not up for a lot of foolery or unnecessary crap. I have found that some people will either lift you up or bring you down. I have also realized that everyone is not happy for you.

I believe a real friendship encompasses people that uplift one another and bring out the best.

Sometimes the friends you keep closest to you will give you an illustration on how your life looks and where you’re headed.

Believe it or not you will find the biggest critics, haters, and most envious individuals right in your circle. It’s competitiveness that should not exist in a healthy friendship.

The best confidants are the ones who are secure in themselves and their place in life.

Here’s an exercise. Like the cell phone company fad, let’s manage our circle: Look at the five people closest to you? Are they happy? Where are they in life? Are they struggling emotionally, mentally? Are they successful? After looking at them, look at yourself. Where are you in life? Does it compare?

If what you are doing or where you plan to be in the future does not compare or relate to your social circle then you need to reevaluate your circle. Because as I stated before, either you will eventually be brought down or stagnated. No relationship is worth it, if it is not mutually beneficial!

And I know some of you are probably saying: “what about loyalty”?! And my question to you would be is your growth in life worth sacrificing for “loyalty”!

Keep pressing and manage your circle!

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