Whit Wisdom: Trust Your Struggle


I heard a joke on the radio. It said “people are always going to weekly bible study, but as and when are they gonna take the test?” As a thinker, I had to try and answer it.

Life is the test. Every single day, for every single person.

With every test comes a learning opportunity. Right now you may be going through a tough time and it seems like you’re being knocked down every time you get up. But you know what tells me that you’re passing the test? You keep getting back up! That’s the testimony in your test! No need for a cheat sheet!

The one thing people fail to do is trust their struggle. It’s easier said than done sometimes, but if we developed a positive mindset and looked more on the bright side of life, we would learn to trust our individual struggles. When you constantly complain, compare your life to others, or keep a negative mindset your struggle wins and you never pass the test. You miss out on your learning opportunity. You miss out on growth. This is why we meet people or know people in their 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s and 60’s, who are bitter. They never trusted their struggles in life and ultimately, they failed their tests. Moreover, they missed their opportunity to have joy in life.

You miss out on joy when you don’t trust your struggle! It’s ignorant for anyone to say “why me”. Only a negative person says this. A positive person says ” why not me” because they are expecting great things like character, humbleness, experience, and growth to foster from their struggle.

Be inspired by adversity. It’s the only sure way to build resilience.

Keep pressing and trust your struggle.


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