Whit Wisdom: Tis The Season of Giving


Tis the season for photo ops of people “giving” and promotional events for feeding needy families and homeless people to build a brand and gain exposure. -_-

Is it giving or is it exploiting?

Genuine giving doesn’t require a camera man and a news story. Sadly this is what happens year after year. This is the perfect time for an opportunist to use someone’s situation to maximize their own glory.

A person with a true giving spirit is humble, kind and loving. It’s also a person who is empathetic. Giving means you understand what it means to have a little. Giving means you understand what it means to be without. Giving means you understand what it feels like to be on the bottom. Giving means you know how it feels to be alone.

This year I pray that the intent behind your giving is to spread love and kindness. It’s like paying it forward. One act of kindness deserves another act.

Don’t give for a show or selfish intent. Give because you genuinely care.

Keep pressing and pay it forward. Don’t be an opportunist!

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