Whit Wisdom :: There’s A Thin Line Between Faith And Fear


There’s a very thin line between faith and fear. The two are somewhat comparable and yet the complete opposite simultaneously. You’re not able to see either. You can’t touch either one. Both fear & faith are somewhat far fetched yet possible. If you believe in either enough, the belief will come to fruition. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. It’s a strong belief in something. Fear is the strong belief of something negative occurring. I would even go a little further and say that fear is the evidence of things not seen also. Go with me, I’ll explain.

When you are faithful, your actions complete your faith by what you do. For example, evidence of your faith is positivity, optimism, informed decision making, or careful planning. And with this type of evidence your faith is made whole.

In the same sense, your actions complete your fear by what you do. For example, evidence of your fear is negativity, pessimism, narrow thinking, not planning, or uninformed decision making. And with this type of evidence your fear is made whole.

The difference in faith and fear is the journey. Faith can take you places. Fear will take you nowhere. People who make decisions based off fear are usually stagnant in life.

A few life examples:
1. Out of fear of being alone, a person will SETTLE to be with someone who never was for them
2. Out of fear of failing, a person will SETTLE for a job instead of going after their purpose
3. Out of fear of rejection, people will miss out on opportunities.

On the flip side, people who make decisions based on faith usually have a fulfilling, progressive life.

Things faithful people think:
1. There’s no chance if I don’t take it.
2. If at first I don’t succeed, I will dust myself off and try again.
3. Failures are the stepping stones of success.
4. Instead of thinking of reasons why I can’t, I should think of reasons why I can.
5. Until my clock runs out, I have time.
6. The journey is just as important as finishing the race.
7. One yes overshadows 100 no’s.

Faith and fear are chosen attributes.

I think outside factors can affect whether we choose to be fearful or faithful , but ultimately the final decision lies with you. Ever want more out of life? Like wanting more than what you’ve become physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally or career wise? Only to have a relative or friend hear about your dream and show you the nightmare of it!? Sometimes other people’s fear can make you fearful and keep you stagnant. Be mindful of who you share your dreams with and be cautious of what “advice” you take from other people.

Bottom line: we choose our own motivation. Take a look at your life and evaluate. Has your journey been fueled by faith or fear? If the answer is fear, change it!! I’m sure that hasn’t been fulfilling for you!

Keep pressing and have faith!


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