Whit Wisdom: Smell The Roses!


My friend was told that she always seems serene and in her own world. Her response was that she was “smelling the roses.” I laughed at her response, but then I thought…Wow. That’s beautiful. It means you’re soaking in the ambiance of being here. Being alive. Being in the moment.

I’ve adopted her principle of living into my life. I don’t want to be a zombie, with routines and no purpose or joy. That’s what you call walking dead! I want to smell the roses! I want to live, not exist. Existing is boring! It’s like looking at the rose but never picking it up to admire it.

Here are some suggestions that will help you get started with smelling the roses:


Don’t make assumptions.

Never miss the chance to shut up.

Never miss the chance to be you.

Love yourself.

Don’t give up.

Live your truth.

Be confident.


Be honest.

Try again.

Face your fears.

Love without limits.



Put down your phone and be in the moment.

Think positive.



Stay in touch.



Try something new.

Create peace.

Help someone.

Say I Love You.

Mind your business.

Have fun.

Go for it.

Try it on.

Test the waters.

Encourage yourself.

Motivate someone else.

Be drama free.

Keep pressing and get busy living or get busy dying!

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