Whit Wisdom: Second Chances

23_second-chances-are-realAccording to my personal faith, and aligning my faith with my actions, I’m a sinner. I’m just being honest. I hate the cliche’ “I’m not perfect” but it’s true! I have made some stupid decisions and to this day my judgement calls are off sometimes. But my faith that I’ve chosen to believe in tells me that I can be forgiven and that I get another chance to make it right.

But what if I mess up again? And again? I will. Yet, the faith I’ve chosen to believe in tells me that there is a never ending amount of mercy and grace for me.

With that in mind, should I continue to do wrong? No. That’s taking advantage of grace. But do I make strides to not make the same mistakes over and over again? Yes.

What if people operated this way? Of course I’m speaking of a higher power in my personal faith, where grace and mercy is insurmountable. But no matter your faith, we should adopt this way of living in our own lives. Shouldn’t we show a little grace and mercy to our fellow man?

Easier said that done huh? No. Because it takes more energy to hold a grudge with someone, than forgiving that person. You can even think about it in regards to the criminal justice system. Takes more tax dollars to house, feed, provide medical care, lights, water, and safety to people in jail than to get to the root of the problem and show some grace and mercy. Yes, we all know there are criminals who deserve to be locked up… But why make it hard for them to get back on their feet as and when they get out if they have paid their debts? Do they not deserve forgiveness?

And think about relationships. The most successful people in relationships understand that without forgiveness, love can’t exist. Why? Once again, people aren’t perfect! How many times have you forgiven your partner? Or did you give up and call it quits because you couldn’t find it in your heart to forgive? Or how long do you want to miss out on a mother or father’s love because you’re holding on to the hurt of them not being apart of your childhood because of your unwillingness to forgive?

It’s crazy to think that imperfect people can function without forgiveness. When you don’t forgive you’re sending out this self-righteous message that your ____ don’t stank and that you never fall short.

Forgiveness is the author of second chances. It’s a new start. The start may not be easy, but it’s a start. I guarantee the progression will come, if you’ve truly forgiven. Besides, It’s too much work to hate someone! You have to make conscious effort to exercise that hate. Find it in your heart to forgive, even if it’s forgiving yourself. Imperfect humans deserve second chances!

Keep pressing and keep forgiving.

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