Whit Wisdom: Miss Independent


“She’s got her own thing, that’s why I love her.”

Neyo did his thing on that one.

As a woman, being independent is an important part of most of our success stories. If a woman can say that she’s got her own, it fuels her confidence. Men love confident and secure women. It means she can bring something to the table. This makes for a great recipe for a successful couple.

But half the independent women I know are single!

I see so many women following their dreams and ambitions, yet relinquishing their hopes for family and marriage because they think it’s either one or the other. Not true! It’s all about balance. Think about how many independent women with success stories “have it all”. In my opinion, Phylicia Rashad’s character, Claire Huxtable on The Cosby Show is the epitome of womanhood.

My purpose for writing is to inspire. It’s to motivate and provide hope. So if you are a female who has hope of “having it all,” I’m here to tell you that you can! Yes, the dating world can get a bit crazy but what’s for you, is for you.

Many women will say that men are intimidated by an independent female. But as I always say, be accountable for your actions. Are you overly aggressive in dating? Are you competitive with your guy? Do you give men your resume as and when you first meet? Do you have the “I don’t need a man” attitude? If any of these shoes fit you, maybe you should pipe down and be humble.

Once again! It’s all about balance. As women we want to be respected. Period. But real confidence comes from self assurance, knowing your value, and not having to speak on it. Value speaks for itself.

Keep pressing and let your light shine… Not blind!

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