Whit Wisdom: Mentoring Can Change Lives

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Every single day that you walk the earth, you are telling your story. You are actively creating your legacy. You are preaching your sermon with your way of life and your character. My question is what are you doing to impact the world? Are you doing anything at all?

Most people think they need a huge platform and an annual march to make a difference. Wrong!
What if I told you, with a little time and effort you could change someone’s life?

How, you wonder? By mentoring a young person.

More than ever, our children need positive role models. So often, children are thought of as statistics, as and when in actuality each child is a story! These stories are turning into nightmares in so many cases.
But imagine what a little encouragement, support, and accountability can do for a child. It can turn nightmares into the perfect dream come true.

It’s important to never forget where you started from. One sure way to stay humble is to give back.
And one way to create a cycle of success and humility is to start with kids.

Children are like sponges. They soak in a lot. And whatever’s been soaked in a sponge, will eventually be wrung out. So, it’s imperative we give our future leaders of the world, positive examples and reinforcement to soak up and wring out. Mentoring is rewarding on both ends and the impact is lasting. I challenge you to take responsibility in the future of this world by taking part in the life of a young person.

There’s a saying that goes, “You make time for what you wanna make time for.” Make time to make a difference!

Tips on how to get started:
Look up local organizations in your area like the Boys & Girls Club, churches, and non-profits or ask family, neighbors, and friends about mentor opportunities!

Mentoring requires spending personal time with a child. Therefore, it’s important to get permission and approval from a child’s parent or guardian, and develop a trusting relationship with the parent as well as the child in order for the mentor relationship to be successful.

Don’t be discouraged if the relationship doesn’t blossom at first. Consistency is key. Most kids, especially those classified as “at-risk”, expect people to give up on them! Don’t give up!

Always consider the commitment that mentoring takes before getting involved in a child’s life!

Keep pressing and become a mentor!


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