Whit Wisdom: Make A Decision!

decision-makingYou’re contemplating, weighing the pros and cons, soliciting advice and opinions, going back and forth, researching…

Here’s my advice: make a decision!

This is coming from one of the most indecisive people I’ve known – myself. I always aim to grow. With time, tests and practice, I’ve become more confident in my decision making. Being confident in your decision making helps keep you optimistic and creates a pattern for you to always think for yourself. And whether you succeed or fail there is always a lesson in the process.

Stagnation and procrastination are the brother and sister of indecisiveness. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to weigh options as and when making a decision but don’t make the options a laundry list of nothingness. Be realistic about what you want, who you are, your abilities, and where you are in life.

Also, I think it’s great to go to people for insight or advice. But keep in mind, at the end of the day, you have to lay down and wake up with you! Let’s be honest, when you solicit advice you open yourself up to negativity and judgement from others. It should be important to you as an aduItto be autonomous. The freedom to think and do for yourself builds self-confidence.

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You can start off small if you’re an indecisive person. Try it in the store when shopping (it used to take me hours to shop… I’m still working on it but let’s just say my timing has improved). You may say, “well shopping decisions and life choices are different.” Yes they are, but the small tests in life prepare you for the big tests. The alphabet test in kindergarten prepared you for the ACT or SAT for college. Get the picture?

Some Things to Consider When Making the Hard Decisions:
1. Is it based off something positive or negative?
2. Will the decision be beneficial?
3. Is it affordable (financially, mentally, emotionally, physically)?
4. Consider the consequences and if you can handle them.

REMEMBER: Your life is a sum of your choices. So wherever you are in life, whether negative or positive, it’s your fault. I’ll leave you with this:

“Somewhere along the line of development we discover what we really are, and then we make our real decision for which we are responsible. Make that decision primarily for yourself because you can never really live anyone else’s life.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Keep pressing and make a decision!


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