Whit Wisdom: Do You Know Who You Are?


Soul searching is often a journey missed out on. I was watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Rainn Wilson, one of the creators of Soul Pancake. Soul Pancake’s platform is thinking. It provides a judgment free zone for a person to think out loud, creating an arena for dialogue about the “big questions”.

What are big questions, you ask?

Big questions are the gray areas in life. There’s no black and white, no yes or no. Big questions are thought provoking and they cause you to search and feed your soul.

After watching this Super Soul Sunday I was motivated to start asking myself more big questions and having these “big question” conversations with friends, family, and associates. I challenge you to do the same!

It’s important to introduce, invite, and encourage yourself and the people around you to soul search and make meaning of life.

Here are some big questions to help you start:

Do you know who you are?

What does your soul look like?

What do you miss about being 5 years old?

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Why are we here? What’s the purpose of life?

Are your emotions on repeat?

What do you know for sure?

What absolutely delights you?

Let the journey begin.

Keep pressing and find yourself!

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