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When Will “Time” Ever Be Right?

Last night while watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I had SO many blog post ideas, but for today I’m just going to focus on one subject that kind of hits close to home for me.

I’ll admit that last night’s episode was full of awkward moments to watch. From Phaedra and Dwight’s production to Cynthia, Kim, Kroy and Peter at the table forcing conversation – I couldn’t help but cringe. But I think everyone who watched can agree that the most painful moments to watch were the scenes between Sheree’ and her daughter’s (Tierra) boyfriend, Damon.

Damon had come to Sheree’ to ask for her help in preparing to propose to Tierra. Throughout their conversation he seemed to be really nervous and unsure about if he was making the right decision. According to Damon, his relationship with Tierra has lasted for about eight years and he wants to marry her…but the time just isn’t right.

So my question is, as and when will time ever be right?

Damon wants all his ducks lined in a row before proposing, with money being at the forefront. I just don’t understand how you can be with someone that long and not prepare for the moment when you take it to the next level? Why wasn’t he saving his money? Why wasn’t he mentally preparing himself to propose? I mean, it’s been eight years!

I deal with this a lot in my personal life. It’s just not fair for someone to wait on the next person to get their s*** together. You have to be mindful that at some point in a long-term, serious relationship that things will need to either be taken to the next level, or be left alone.

I think guys want proposals to be a surprise, so they secretly go through this period of time where they are questioning themselves and their ability to provide and really make that commitment. I believe that that’s where the mistake lies. As a couple, people should really sit down and prepare for that moment together. You’re a team, so don’t try and get ready on your own and involve anyone besides your future spouse. That’s where it gets murky and…scary.

What do you think?

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