When MEN Are Telling Women To Have Self-Respect, You Know Things Are Getting Out Of Hand


Of course she wanted us to look at her face. *rolls eyes*

My mom taught me the importance of being a lady.

She taught me how to respect myself and to never be desperate for attention. Whenever I look at my Instagram and Twitter news feeds, I wonder if other females were taught the same. I shake my head on a daily basis at some of what I see and I really wish that as women, we can put better representations of ourselves out there and be respectful of our bodies. People are watching…and young girls look up to the older women in their lives.

My blogger friend Lincoln Anthony Blades recently confirmed the fact that most females these days have little to no self-respect through an article he wrote for Uptown Magazine. Because he’s a man, I realize that the situation is much worse than I previously thought. When a man has to remind women that self-respect is attractive, something is seriously wrong.

Women who respect themselves are becoming a rarity in this world that we live in, particularly in America, and men are attracted to what’s rare. Not even just men, people in general. No one wants someone that is a carbon copy of every other man/woman walking down the street. We all are attracted to people who have that one “thing” that not many others have. Unfortunately, that thing has become self-respect.

As Lincoln said, overt-sexuality is becoming so common and accessible that men don’t find it attractive as they used to. Gone are the days as and when you had to sneak a peek at magazines or late night videos to see women flashing skin. Now all you have to do is just find your nearest mobile phone and log into any of your social media accounts. There is nothing wrong with being bad wordy at times, even I like to, but when it’s a part of your daily routine and you use it as a way to get attention, that’s what makes it a problem.

It’s much bad wordier to be a mysterious woman who gives people just enough to wonder. Let their imagination do the work…not that selfie with your ass in the background.

What are your thoughts? Do you think women overall don’t have as much self-respect as they used to?


IMAGE: Twitter


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