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The Pros & Cons Of The What To Expect Pregnancy App

Can you guess one of the first things I did once the reality of being pregnant hit me?

I downloaded an app.

(Don’t judge me…it’s what millennials do, OK?)

Because I’m a first time mom-to-be, I literally knew nothing about the pregnancy experience. I didn’t understand exactly how pregnancies progress, what certain terms meant, what body changes and symptoms I would experience and the list goes on. Downloading a pregnancy app just made sense for me.

I chose to download the What To Expect app because of the popularity of its accompanying website. I downloaded several others but this was the first one I found to be useful – but it’s not without its pros and cons.

My main concern throughout my pregnancy has been the health of my baby and making sure I’m aware of any changes that could signal that something was wrong. (It’s amazing how once you see that positive pregnancy test, you immediately start thinking of the baby more than yourself.) 

This app has been great for keeping me “in the know” and I wanted to share some of the pros and cons that I’ve noticed about it.


Daily Tips: Every day you’ll find a new tip to ease your pregnancy woes, worries and concerns. From the right foods to eat to how dads can play an active role before the baby arrives, the tips are one of the first things you’ll see from the home screen.

Pregnancy Countdown: Most pregnancy apps, if not all, have a countdown but this particular app shows you the number of days that you’ve been pregnant.

Weekly Videos: Every week you’ll be able to watch a quick video describing the development of your fetus or baby, depending on where you’re at, to keep you in the know. I really enjoy watching these with my honey because we both get a little more excited after seeing what our little one is doing in my womb.

Questions for Your Doctor: I’m one of those people who never asks questions as and when my appointments come around. This happens mainly because I’ve probably spent hours researching whatever it is I could’ve asked about. When I began to use this feature of the app, I found that I became a lot more comfy with my doctor (not that I wasn’t before but you catch my drift) and I felt empowered. I felt like I was on top of things and was more aware of what to look for, why my body was changing in certain ways that were beyond explanation and more.

Community Forum: When you sign up and input your due date the app automatically adds you to a group forum that matches the month that your baby will be born. This feature allows you to connect with other expecting mothers, ask for advice and keep up with pregnancies that are on the same timeline as yours. My group is due this month so it has been fun to see everyone adding photos of their newborns one by one.


Community Forum: Yes, this one is both a pro and a con (but mostly a pro). The reason I listed it as a con also is because of the other members in the forum, not so much the forum itself. Just like in real life or on any form of social media, people can be stupid…and insensitive…and judgmental. I’m warning you now that there is an abundance of that type of behavior on the app. Not only that, some of the women will scare the s*** out of you with their horror stories or their own fears about being pregnant and going through labor. Be prepared!

Overall I would recommend any woman who is expecting or trying to conceive to download this app!

For the next nine months of your life you will spend many nights awake in bed thinking about your growing baby and this app will either give you a peace of mind or at the very least, some entertainment.

Have you used this app? Do you like it? Share with me in the comments section below!

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