What I Think One Blogger’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Article Was Really About


Facebook is one of the best places to find news that you would probably never see elsewhere. Case in point – a self-professed “single and saved” blogger who wrote a pointless article about Jay Z and Beyonce’.

Yes, I’m calling her article pointless because she doesn’t mention anything that isn’t already available on the web, despite the article’s title, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z: The Rumor Nobody Is Talking About. Ma’am, have you not been online at least once in the last five or six years around a time that Bey or Jay has released a new song or album? Before you tell me I’m not being very Christian-like, no, me calling her article pointless is not a judgement. It’s my opinion and if you have the ability to think critically and realistically, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So here’s what happened.

According to the blogger, she became saved eight months ago and publicly denounced Jay Z and Beyonce’. I decided to go through her site archives to see if I could find her public denouncement but I couldn’t. Anyway, she begins her post by saying that she was the winner of two tickets to see the OTR tour at work. After winning, she’s excited but remembers her denouncement and becomes convicted. She felt like a hypocrite for considering even going to the concert and she made it very clear that she would never pay for tickets and the show was too raunchy for her. The 26-year-old woman (we’re the same age BTW) decides to consult with God in prayer along with her parents and her pastor in order to make a decision about attending the concert. She concludes that attending the concert won’t send her to Hell and it’s harmless entertainment.

Before I go further, I have a few questions and comments:

1. As a blogger, if I decided to publicly denounce something I would make sure it was on my website. Why can’t it be found on hers? My guess after looking at her Twitter is that the blog is fairly new and that’s why it’s not available. However, I would have definitely gone back and posted it…especially if I was going to write about them later.

2. Why would you enter into a contest to win tickets to see artists that you previously denounced? Like…why would they even interest you to the point where you tossed your name into the raffle for the hell of it? I REFUSE to believe that everyone at her job was unaware of the prize. She didn’t indicate in the post that she didn’t know what she was winning and in the comments section, one of her alleged coworkers put her on blast. I have no proof that she didn’t know, but I’m not buying it!

3. What 26-year-old woman has to talk to her parents and pastor about going to a concert? Really???


Image credit: Saved Single Me

Moving on, she posts the above photo and says that her spirit became unsettled as soon as Bey and Jay took the stage. She says that she felt out of place and instead of singing along with the songs she once loved, she decided to take notes.

Maybe I’m judging with this one and I’ll take that…but how could you be so distraught about attending a concert by artists you don’t approve of as and when you’re taking photos of yourself holding your ticket? That doesn’t give the impression that your heart was heavy because you were attending…it actually appears that you were excited.

She goes on to break down everything that she was disturbed by during the concert, including but not limited to:

  • Bey and Jay performing “Bonnie & Clyde” and how a man needs Jesus in his life of sin, not his girlfriend
  • Bey wearing a thong and dancing provocatively despite being a wife and a mother
  • Bey’s “Who Run The World? Girls” song being about Satan and how she sings some of the lyrics like she’s casting a spell
  • Bey attempting to hypnotize the audience with a performance of “***Flawless” and how it’s not a women’s empowerment anthem. Instead, we are all full of flaws and need God’s grace and mercy. She also notes that Beyonce’ said “got damn” 14 times.
  • There were tons and tons of crosses used during the show
  • Jay Z’s “Lucifer” plays but he doesn’t perform it. She says that this was just a reminder of who the show was about.
  • Instead of using a (+) sign, they used a cross (see photo below)


OK. Here are my thoughts on what she said before I tell you why she really wrote this article.

I am a Beyonce’ fan and I’m a Jay Z fan, I’ve mentioned it several times on this website and my friends and family know this as well. With that said, I do not and will not (ever) worship either of them. I love the Lord, I write about my faith all the time and I’m one of those believers who also believes that you can enjoy your life, think for yourself and not allow people to make you feel bad when you fall short. Personally, I would have gone to the concert had the tickets for the shows near me hadn’t sold out so soon. I can relate to their music and I like most (not all) of it.

“Bonnie & Clyde” is simply a remake of the classic Tupac song. It is no secret that Bey’s stage costumes are revealing but they aren’t any more revealing than the ones that other artists wear or have worn, married or not. When I was a dancer, we wore revealing costumes sometimes but it wasn’t because we were bad wording our performances up, you wear stage clothes when you’re on stage! “Who Run The World? Girls” was never meant to be a spiritual song so she’s reaching a bit with the analysis of it. I believe that the song is just showing how women deserve more credit for how we help make the world a better place. We aren’t celebrated enough for our contributions, accomplishments and how we have to manage households and our own lives at the same time. She clearly doesn’t understand where the whole “Lucifer” song came from and this article is long enough without me even breaking that down. Lastly, she was disturbed by the cross between their initials. I can understand that one…but you could also interpret it as Jay and Bey being likened to the two sinners who were nailed to crosses alongside Jesus.

My verdict on this is that she used this as an opportunity to get page views on her website. Don’t believe me? Check out her tweet.

I don’t question her faith or belief because I’m sure she does have an amazing relationship with Christ. What I will say is this…

There are a lot of people manipulating the Word of God and taking advantage of weak-minded people in order to bring fame, glory and money to themselves. Everyone knows that religion is always a hot topic and combining it with a breakdown of one of the most popular concert tours of our time is a perfect combination for a website overload. Women and men alike are cashing in on vulnerable people who will make them a celebrity for creating Tweegrams with their own spin on Bible verses. I’m not saying that she is doing this, but it appears that way based on this post and some of the others she has written. She gives me the “I want to be a social media celebrity” vibe.

Beyonce’ and Jay Z are entertainers who are paid to entertain. Do artists have a responsibility to their audiences? Yes and no, but that’s a much bigger topic to tackle another time. Based on all the things she mentioned in the article, she should have stayed at home. Point, blank, period. Nothing about their show was a surprise…they’ve performed it several times. There is footage all over the place! I feel if this woman genuinely felt that she would be compromising her faith by attending this concert, she could have:

1. Left the crowd and waited in the restroom or outside the stadium for her friend or politely asked her friend to leave (surely if they are friends the girl would have understood)

2. Decided to turn around as they were en route to the stadium

3. Decided that she shouldn’t go as she tried to put an outfit together for the concert

4. Given the tickets away

5. Not entered the drawing to see artists she didn’t approve of

I don’t think she’s wrong for going but she’s brushing off the whole reason she was exposed to their show in the first place. Instead of deciding not to go and put herself through the agony of the show, she decided to take notes and give us a detailed report on a concert that every entertainment media outlet has already reported on in the name of discussing a rumor that no one wants to talk about and proving that these artists worship Satan (which is a judgement by the way).


Read her article (and her comments section) here.

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