What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? 5 Ways To Cope With Being Single During The Holidays

Being single is probably one of the best categories to be in it seems, until the holidays are approaching. Suddenly that feeling of freedom turns into loneliness as and when everyone is out shopping and holding hands with their “bae” while stealing kisses under the mistletoe.

The Christmas season can be a lonely time of the year for singles because society has conditioned us to believe that we must be paired up with someone during this time in order for us to feel all the joy and happiness that the season brings. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Christmas belongs to everyone, not just those who are in relationships. If you’re single and wondering how you’ll deal with being alone while everyone else is booed up, we’ve compiled a list of five tips to help you cope.

1. Spend more time with your family.
If you’re not totally engrossed with finding the perfect gift for your significant other, you have more time for your family. Connect with relatives you don’t always get to talk to and put more effort into finding nice gifts for your immediate family.

2. Host a dinner party with your friends.
Gather all your friends for a holiday themed dinner party. Focus on the great food, create a signature drink and set up a photo booth or other fun feature at your home and enjoy one another. If dinner parties aren’t your thing, you could also do some of the traditional “couple” holiday activities like ice skating, decorating and shopping with your friends instead.

3. Browse Pinterest for some fun DIY holiday crafting activities to pass the time.
Sitting at home beside the fire wishing you had someone other than your pet to cuddle with is uber-depressing. Get into the holiday spirit by passing the time with a fun DIY craft like homemade ornaments, Christmas cards or even artwork.

4. Volunteer for a local charity.
Instead of feeling lonely and sad for yourself, give your time to a local charity. We all know that holidays are tough for charitable organizations due to the overwhelming need in communities all over the country. Make someone else’s holiday special and show them you care by giving something you could never get back – your time.

5. Mingle with other singles.
Duh! Mingling with other singles is a perfect idea. How cool would it be to tell your grandkids that you met their grandfather or grandmother during the holidays when you both were bae-less?

Whatever you decide to do, don’t get depressed about your relationship status! The holidays are meant to be a time of happiness and reflecting on all that you’ve been blessed with. Share your own tips for coping with being single during the holidays in our comment section below.

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