Were You “Whooped” As a Child? Did It Work?

By now you’ve probably heard all about Creflo Dollar being arrested Friday for allegedly attacking his teenage daughter. This post really isn’t about that particular situation, it’s about whoopings in general.

As a child/pre-teen, I remember being whooped (not beaten or attacked) for doing wrong. My whoopings were usually followed by punishments, which I believe (as an adult) made them more effective. I didn’t get a lot of whoopings but I’m almost positive that the ones I did receive were well deserved in my mother’s opinion.

You all know I love my daily Clutch fix so as and when I read the post about whoopings and why they don’t work, I had to chime in…on my own platform of course.

I personally feel (as I commented on the Clutch article) that there are more effective ways to discipline a child than to whoop them. In my opinion, whoopings only teaches the child to endure the pain and brace themselves for it. After receiving so many of these whoopings, kids aren’t really phased by them anymore.

I can’t say whether or not I’ll be spanking my kids because I don’t know what I’ll do, but with my niece and other children, I’ve found that a strong stance and standing by your word (either by taking away a privilege or sending them to time out) works as well.

What’s your opinion? Did you get whoopings as a child? Do you think they work?

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