Website Allows Users To Vote People As Dark-Skinned Or Light-Skinned

Trying to figure out where your skin falls on the color spectrum? Yep, there’s a website for that. is a new website that allows people to upload their photos and the general public will vote them as having either light or dark skin. The site’s creator, 37-year-old Nate Hill, says that his intention with the site was to “create a playground or sandbox where people can see themselves and promote conversation around colorism.”

Now I’m not saying that those were not his intentions, but personally I don’t see how the website carries out that intention. There is no dialogue about colorism and how it has plagued the Black community, there are no stories about how this issue should be the last on the long list of things Black people need to work on as a community and there is absolutely no information about why the site was started. All I see is an opportunity for a developer to get tons of hits and press from a site that is taking advantage of an issue that actually exists and affects people in a real way.

The site has received over 20,000 votes on photos but users have been slow to upload their own pictures so Hill resorted to pulling random photos of Black people from Instagram.

He told The Grio that he and his wife are both mixed and after the birth of their son, he realized that he had internalized colorism and it was embarrassing.

Hill insists that the website is just a hobby and plans to add comments under each photo so there will be more interaction and discussion among users – but that was in October and it still hasn’t happened. So, who knows what will come of this website!

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