We Need To Talk: The Wrong Side Of Justice

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There’s something we all understand.

We all understand what race we belong to and where we stand in a societal view.

We were born on the wrong side of justice.

There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. I do not have to be specific as and when I speak of the “we” in this case, there’s no need for wasting time on the obvious. But, WE do NEED TO TALK.

There is an agenda for those in positions that could sway the majority toward peace if they took the time to do so but they do not. No need in naming these public figures, rather political or entertainment affiliated, that could sway the world into a hash tag campaign at the drop of a dime. Those that do speak out against injustice and effectively advocate issues, kudos to them. Those that do not obviously have their reasons. Society could use positive forcefulness, reinforcement and empowerment for our race from public figures in a so many ways. But that my friend is one of the many problems we face.

This is not their job nor a part of their agenda. This does not place their empathy in the judgement zone either. This is simply about advocating what you understand in life and they can’t understand what the majority of their race is experiencing right now with this verdict, besides the tear jerking emotions they may catch if they are following the media (the worse coverage of all). This is about us. We create the justice we seek to find. There is no way we can expect to get it any place or any other person.

First off, are you aware of the black officer fatally shooting the white college male in Alabama? The kid was high on that massive mess, banged on the windows of the campus police station, was approached by the campus police, gun was pointed at him signaling him to raise his hands and kneel, he had a change of mind and raised from his kneeling position towards the officer (supposedly aggressively). At this point the officer uses deadly force. There were no riots or protest of any kind. To my surprise, the officer was cleared of all charges. Go figure, considering what’s going on in the nation right now. Its also charming to know media felt no need to make massive coverage on this scenario. Not to mention the photo used of the young man.

With knowing this, which side are you on? Justice or race?

I’m just asking because we’re screaming for justice, but are we really?

The public’s reaction to this fiasco is half and half with support in favor of the officer from all races. Some agree that deadly force did not have to be used. Some students feel safe that he can continue protecting their campus. Others are indifferent just feeling sympathy that another young life has been taken away in such manner as this repeated pattern that we see everyday. This is exactly along the lines of the Michael Brown case, just flipped race. What do you think of this in comparison to the blow of the verdict that Darren Wilson received for killing Mike Brown? Hurts to even go there doesn’t it?

When I saw the reactions and the verbal abuse towards one another on social media the morning after the verdict, I could not believe the tone of people’s reactions. This is a time where the turmoil of the world has no choice but to stir our emotions; but we’ve been talking about justice this whole time to slam each other in the end. Just like we slam each other in actual murderous ways yet we have yet to march and protect day in and day out in our neighborhoods to show what the hell we mean by justice in the first place.

They question us and lack empathy for us because of our lack of empathy for each other but the outrage we exhibit when an outsider contributes the same behavior among us baffles some and me too. This is not to stray away from anything but it is questionable for one to want the same respect that they have not even established among each other. Its contradictory.There’s no excuse for any of this – by all means – but if you want justice, you have to pay attention and pay your dues through your actions.

CJ Lawrence makes sure he covers and makes his followers aware of all injustice going on. You all want to rant and go on about the most trendy topic when the picture is way bigger than that and always have been. Truth is, we can’t save the world nor change it. Its too big. We’re too small. Our efforts do not match. Now if we apply changing ourselves, we have no choice but to be the change that we see and that is how change circulates. It’s never been a secret. It’s just been ignored. What I’ve watched CJ do through social media is effective (outside of protesting) because of his ability to see a platform and his ability to push issues of concern and get people physically involved. We’re word warriors on the net and ass sitters in real life and we haven’t been paying enough attention all along and that is what the verdict revealed to me. It revealed the hatred we feel the need to disperse towards each other. It revealed the level of disrespect and disregard we have with one another but we want to be taken serious when we decide to rally. We fail to realize that s*** Lauryn Hill told us years ago, “How you gone win when you ain’t right within?!”

You don’t want justice if you haven’t accepted that we were born on the wrong side of it in the first place.

You don’t want justice if you don’t educate yourself on how many young kings we are losing everyday in numerous ways. Choosing to not speak and act against all the ways that eliminate our men and just choosing to focus on the trendy topic is what causes our ultimate failure.

You don’t want justice if you just want the race to be freed regardless of the obvious guilt.

You don’t want justice if you judge the next for how they chose to deal with coping with these racial woes we are faced with daily.

You don’t want justice if you do not realize that THEY CAN NOT GIVE US JUSTICE.

You don’t want justice if you think they can place justice in our hands when they have failed to even compensate our ancestors, our bloodline, for the built on years of turmoil.

That, my people, has to be done first and foremost before they can even attempt to tickle the debt they are in with us. Come on! Wake up. We are the justice we create. This world was not created for equality or justice for us. We create whatever it is that we are seeking them for.

The verdict left me disturbed. When Mike Brown’s mother visited the UN, trouble in paradise was brewing in a mothers heart knowing that we would not prevail once again. She tried to push the race forward and went out a trench by doing so, and the results should show us that there’s something else that we need to be doing. How many times will the same thing keep occurring and we keep responding the same ways? There’s so much to still be done and the truth is, it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong; its about starting the process of preserving ourselves and our race. I struggled with this piece because my feelings are hurt by the verdict although I expected the worse because of the precautionary notices circulating. It feels like another slap in the race face as a whole, but the race carries the face they keep slapping.

Either we will fix our face and pave our own way or continue down this reruned episode of life. So where do we go from here?

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