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You’re on a ship. Destination, to be determined. All that is known is that success, growth, health and wealth is the goal. Did you consider everything you packed? Did you bring more wants or needs with you? (Keep in mind, we’re out in the midst of water, no land in sight.) The decisions you made before boarding will heavily weigh in on whether you sink or sail. Is there a life boat? Of course. Doesn’t mean you qualify to use it. There’s also a plank. Let’s hope your decisions doesn’t toss you over board. This is no vacation. This is your life.


Relationships make us who we are. Our relationships with the world, people, society, food and beliefs mold us into how we are outwardly perceived. Family, by blood, is the only relationship we have no control over because we are born into it. Family is innate, for the most of us. The boundaries of relationships can determine our emotional health kind of like, the “you are what you eat” notion. What we input results in our output. We have a choice to be involved in friendships, partnerships and companion-ships. According to the directions of these “ships” we can exude positive or negative emotions.

Our connections to relationships creates expectations unintentionally. We can develop dependency if we fail to realize that our emotional state is our personal responsibility. Emotional health is vital to everyday living, which is why we must constantly stay aware of what we let in and not only what we let out but how we let it out. A sailing ship consists of purpose. The relationships we are involved in should be of positive means; uplifting, supportive, loving, assertive, appreciative and most of all genuine. These qualities can determine the direction of the ship. A sinking ship consists of motives; their nature can be condescending, dismissive, emotionless, aggressive, ungrateful and unauthentic. It’s a recipe for disaster and makes great for a distracted mind.

We know as and when our energy is right or wrong. Sometimes we tend to ignore things and feelings, ultimately sacrificing our own emotions. This does not benefit growth when our emotions are not intact. Positive vibes are very powerful. All vibes are contagious unfortunately. The state and control of your emotions will either sail you away to your destination or will assist you in sinking. Where to go from sinking? We all deal differently, so I could only speak personally about my ships that have sunk.

From sinking I’ve managed to evaluate and eliminate. Obviously your head begans to rise above water once changes and commitments to improvement are made. How’s your emotions? What’s on your ship? Did you pack light or heavy? Did you bring more wants or needs? Where are you trying to go? The ship of emotional health are mainly the things we don’t consider and our emotions are what guides us through this sea of life.

Check your surroundings (friendSHIPs, partnerSHIPs, companionSHIPs = relationSHIPs) and then the directions you are headed in. Compare this to where you want to go and be. Get there but know what we carry on our ship determines so much more than meets the eye. Be fair to yourself. Treat yourself right. Be in tune with your emotions. The positive ones. It will sail you far. It all depends on you!

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