We Need To Talk: Sincerely, A Pissed Delta

Disclaimer: We Need To Talk is a weekly column written by siKa J. The views and opinions expressed in this article are hers and do not necessarily reflect the position of JessicaSimien.com.

Every word you’re about to read is strictly mine. This column is in no way a representation of anyone but myself. I will not provide my affiliation nor its branches. The title is enough. If you know me, that’s enough. Out of respect to those I am binded to through affiliation, I will try my best to be careful with my word play. No promises, but I will not tone down my personal attitude toward the issued memo. I studied, worked and paved my way just like everyone else; so spare me before you dare me.

This is one of those damn issues that we feel like shouldn’t be discussed aloud or among the unprivileged (non Greeks or opposite Greeks) and also an issue so sensitive we’d rather stay neutral or quiet in fear of whatever. Hell Naw! This shit is WRONG, all caps.


First of all, I know my bylaws just like any one should. Don’t recite them to me or patronize me. You can’t tell me what to do with my letters. You can’t tell me what my letters represent or mean besides what you find on Google or through defining the Greek symbols. You can’t marginalize my ways or extensions toward protesting for a civil rights issue lacking justice and support. My letters belong to me. The optional extension of me, just like hair, if you will. Sometimes I wear them. Sometimes I don’t. But you know where I’m going with this. I’ve never disrespected them. Never will. I can do as I please in honor of this time, in or out of them. PERIOD!

The memo issued by the organization I’m affiliated with in regards to the current civil rights protests against police brutality caused more Hell than the issue itself would’ve, had it not been sent. Think about this. If Attorney Crump, a well-known Omega, face of several similar civil rights cases happens to go loot crazy, that’s on him. Had his organization issued a memo amidst his exposure, shielding what they do and don’t represent or support, they would become a culprit of a new created issue not seen by everyone easily.

This letter created a wound (cause) and it is only right that it has to suffer the consequences (effect) of backlash upon deciding to jump into this street of politics in the first place. It has created a wound that it expects the public to carry through with its wishes as if it (the public) created the dilemma that did not have to exist. Don’t sell out people! This is a classic case of choosing to be on better side of a major financial and/or poltical constituent. Look at all the people across the nation losing their jobs, positions, scholarships and more for joining the supports of these protests. We know how politics work. Keep that in mind while approaching the next paragraph.

Let’s be clear, to me, this letter was an indirect message, not for us or to us. This was for a particular individual running for a prestigious position. This was to those law makers who call the shots. The subject?

Spare me (in the event of dot dot dot); from the lack of behavior that may occur via sorority member during these riotous moments and I have issued a memo admonishing and prohibiting the use of the letters that probably is the sole reason I’ve made it this far in the first place along with other talents.

This was a get-out-of-jail free card from shame and it left a slap in my face feeling. You mean to tell me that you feel as if wearing letters that everyone is familiar with during or in protest of our Kings can jeopardize your organization by the odds of whom may loot? First off, stop watching the media coverage and read. Remember, it’s fundamental, you run into all kinds of shit as and when you do so. You should try it.

Secondly, everyone made aware of this issue is tad bit morally dumber for even debating this (including me) when it more so has an agenda to be followed. Thanks! Now let me address two groups. The people saying non Greeks can’t speak on this and the non Greeks who feel they can’t or shouldn’t. EVERYONE CAN ADDRESS THIS! And don’t talk to me about dues. Invalid! This is about race. GTHOH! If the memo can address the race and its current issue, then the race as a whole has been invited to the conversation. POINT! BLANK! PERIOD! Speak your mind! We need it! These organizations were built on protesting and boycotting and birthed on historically black campuses.

You mean to tell me they can pick and choose to dictate when the letters are worn when there are looters in all scenarios (depending on the coverage shown); they are always there and always will be. Let the idiots fall where they may. We are on a mission.

You mean to tell me certain people can’t weigh in but can be addressed? How kind! That, ladies and gentleman, is what you call bullshit. Absolutely no one is superior here. Furthermore, this stance is disrespectful: to the greats, grand fathers, fathers, brothers, uncles, sons, and unborn Kings and it has placed them on a plank  through words alone.

Words are sharp and we sort of fed them to the sharks with our hands up for the wrong reason this time. Had it not been sent, they would not feel the need or urge to let us know they feel alone or question how would we feel if the women replaced the men in numbers and consistenty. This is not fair to them or this struggle and sends so many wrong messages at the wrong damn time. This is not the time to be political to save your ass. It’s the time to stand and make examples of what we will no longer tolerate. You can throw any law at me. Guess what!? Save your breath, I don’t care. They are the ones who can’t breathe so save that air for them please. It is invalid to the lost lives and the manner of justice they’ve received from our protectors by law. We are fighting for the past, present, and future right now. Damn! Don’t you get that? How dare you find ways to defend this message. Some of us understand the logistics of business and protocol but there’s a time and place for everything and this refocused attention on the negative aspect of things when we have the power to do the opposite and much more. This threw salt into the media fire of propogangda.

After receiving much backlash from its members, another sister organization of the divine nine withdrew their decision and position on wearing the letters in protest. The unified move would’ve been for the remaining opposer to follow suit. I don’t understand why this move wasn’t made besides trying to walk the straight and narrow road toward a political and more corporate agenda. I commend our fellow sisters for recognizing that the motion was not well thought through and taking a stand for our men, inside and outside, of the divine nine. We make calls too early sometimes and thankfully we can retract, which I can respect more versus the latter. What about how our people feel? What about how this makes us look? What about how our men feel? What does this represent? Too many questions that need answering.It’s ridiculous and can easily become another one for the books to be twisted as a demonstration of how we find ways to be our own opponent.

There was an obvious fail at knocking Mona Scott Young for her thrown off “ways to defame our race” and this time through sororities, what’s next? This woman is the evil wanna be of Shonda Rhimes gone wrong. Difference is, she had no talent and is on the money trail that reality TV sends you down. Shonda has talent. She writes scripts. She captures audiences through the entertainment of words transformed through acting and not ruining real lives for public entertainment to defame, despise, and demoralize. Let’s be real! Knock out the birds that don’t deserve the wings not the birds whose wings have the hardest time performing no matter how strong they are. We have to be careful as a race at this time and this was a wrong turn for us, which is why I am pissed. This is not the road I intended to travel carrying these letters. Speaking for myself specifically.

Sincerely, A Pissed Delta!

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