We Need To Talk: Remnants Of Tyranny

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They say there’s nothing new under the sun and I wish that wouldn’t be true. If it weren’t true, maybe we would be prepared in ways that we haven’t been before. “I told you so,” seems so relevant considering the several African American authors I’ve read and I’m currently re-reading. Unfortunately history repeats itself so rigidly like the strongest onion you’ve ever cut or peeled. Each layer gets more and more tumultuous the closer to the core you get. I consider Eric Garner, the core, indeed.


Did you know that approximately 90% indicted in or near the eastern district of New York basically have no chance? That’s reason one for the officer’s “get out of jail free card.” Followed by precedent, reason number two, and the reason for other similar cases as this. This word is not to be confused by precedence. Basically, my friends and I were discussing this whole charade in general. This term came up which led me to understand that it is the courts duty “to stand by decisions and not disturb the undisturbed” -stare decisis. This means if one goes down who knows how many cases would be petitioned for reopening possibly knocking off half of police enforcements all over the country. We all know the law doesn’t want to clean up it’s past mess. That is out of the question and ass out of luck for us. We’re still owed reparations starting from the 1860s until this very day. Having people with huge platforms like Bill Maher, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and others of the opposite race agree to this absurdity is unquestionably unpromising as and when looking to the law as a system of support versus the system of damage.

Dred Scott vs Sanford (Supreme Court of the U.S. – 60 U.S. 393) March 6, 1857 (six years before the Emancipation Proclamation) determined “It is too clear for dispute, that the enslaved African race were not included, and formed no part of the people who freaked and adopted this declaration.” Rejecting the right of a trial to a black man because his race is not simply included to have any jurisdiction to sue. Even with the emancipation they felt as if the race still had no rights or privileges beyond what the government grants because the law was formed by them, and for them and their posterity, but for no one else. This led me to research Peter King, who thanked the jury for sure justice in Eric’s case, which is complete bullshit. But, we must understand, the hand which the law is being ran. People like Peter King admired and grew up on the law makers who intended to break us. Descendants of the enemy just like they consider us descendants of slaves instead of people.

We live in socialism that we must start rejecting. This is the year of tyranny seemingly but it’s always gone on, we’re finally waking up now. Tyranny and tyrannies are amongst us and their presence seems stronger than ever, especially in a policing state. We’re considered remnants of our ancestors. Remnants? A small portion remaining of a larger thing or group. And I ask you, what is a minority? Remnants? The remaining fabric at the end of the bolt. And who are we the remaining fabric to? Remnants? An unsold end of piece goods, as cloth, ribbons, carpet, etc. They didn’t go as deep as people when defining this if you ask me. And I ask you, are we sold? We, as in our generation. Which explains why we are treated in such manner by the law. To them, we are our ancestors residue, the direct connection to remnants of the past.

I can’t express the dire need of paying attention and educating yourselves on the law and history enough. I can’t break it down to you the way I want everyone to understand what’s going on. That’s on you. We keep asking what can be done and we keep running into limited solutions for moments of satisfaction. I’m damn tired of just being satisfied. I’m damn interested in s*** like over throwing the damn government in some cases. They keep throwing these damn lollipops of, “this is not a race issue,” in our mouths expecting us to shut up and suck it up when some of us have read our own authors like, Baldwin to be exact, pinpointing this exact foolery decades ago. They still treat us as if we were still stringing along the bayside of illiteracy, which may be true but damn, if I didn’t know any better they are trying to kick us out of here. We need to revolutionize a lot of shit, but guys, we got to get it together to fight together solidly. And that is something we are lacking in this war.

I’m almost fed up and feeling like where is Nat Turner when you need him?

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