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One thing I have learned about fake things and people is to listen to nothing but to watch and feel it all. There will always be answers in what we do and how we behave that always leads to the truth whether we are looking for it or not.

Mr. Delivert is clearly gay. He has elevated his actions beyond the service, ultimately proving that there very well may have been an ulterior motive from the start, which brings me to say this:


Why? Because there are some things we need to get to the bottom of and this is one of those things.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know the common goal of all churches is to reach the masses. Good! The moment I realized the several ways churches began reaching out differently in order to reach people, I knew soon there would be Hell to pay. Churches be like, “Like/Friend Us on Facebook,” “Follow us on Twitter,” “Follow our Instagram,” blah, blah, blah. To me, this only provided a platform of comfort. This led people to begin taking photos during services and whipping that damn phone out in church knowing our ancestors would be pissed if they walked into a church full of bowed heads, not praying, but scrolling. Some supervisors and instructors do not allow phones in the vicinity. They are distractions and the use of them can be extremely disrespectful, yet we bring them into church. Anyways, that is another topic for another day.

Social networking and the use of it by the church taints more than we are aware. By allowing it, we have lessened the seriousness and attention span. It would only be a matter of time before social media made the church the butt of everyone’s joke.

This is not an attack on the church, matter fact, I think they have dealt with enough slander, and that’s coming from a non-church goer. At first glance of this damn delivert character, I went in on the church. I was wrong. Usually I am as and when I don’t allow my thoughts time to settle. Any who, let’s be clear. This embarrassing ass episode could have occurred at any church, any denomination, for whatever particular scenario, which is why the denominations should not be attacked. The church is simply the platform/venue, if you will, and therefore not the problem here. The people are the root of the problem, which is what we will be discussing.

There are three groups of people and one individual who exploited this charade: “the ordained,” “the congregation,” “the camera crew” and “the antagonist.”

The Ordained
The ordained, so spiritually guided, managed to lose control of the flock if you ask me. This is the damn leader. You mean to tell me that this man was not spiritually spoken to or lead to end this foolishness once it became a show? Or did he think a miracle was taking place? Either way, he gets an epic FAIL for the ruckus he allowed to get out of hand.

The Congregation
The congregation turned this whole scenario into a segment of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. The reactions and egging on that took place was a pure joke. This goes to show that no matter where you place a group of people for whatever function, they will always fail to see what is really going on in front of their own eyes. The congregation has therefore influenced a greater attendance to attend the magic show the following week just like we tune into Scandal, waiting for the big amusing shocker, in this case, “miracle,” making it seem like an amusing thing to experience. Now I don’t know how many people actually believe this man was being delivered and I’m not denying that there were not any sincere souls in the church but I am saying that they contributed to the hype of it all.

The Camera Crew
My smallest issue is with the camera crew. Their asses are behind the lenses, so they can clearly see that s*** is fake. They were supposed to shut s*** down for the sake of the church’s reputation, unless they were looking for ratings. In that case, the crew picked a damn good time to keep on rolling and I’ll leave it at that. I’m sure plenty of versions would’ve been available for us to see due to people recording on their phones (another reason phones don’t belong in the church). I would be pissed if you recorded me in church and posted it. But anyways… Hell, the crew might have said, “Damn, let’s make some money off this s***! Don’t nobody buy tapes from services but I bet they buy this s***!” If so, to each its own. I’m tickled at the thought though.

The Antagonist
And lastly and certainly least is Mr. DELIVERT himself, clearly, the antagonist. I don’t know his story. I don’t care. I don’t even care to understand. He has been living gay for however long (and comfortable as hell I’m sure) and decides to go get delivered huh? Yeah right! Personally, I believe there is nothing for us homosexuals to be delivered from. It is those who believe we need to be delivered from whatever that needs the deliverance from the ignorance and I will stop there. There are people struggling with several homosexual lifestyle issues and how it relates to the church. I feel he made a complete mockery of the church and the lifestyle at the same damn time. He is so treacherous with it from law suits to musical releases. WTF is he doing? Not to mention the exorcism voice he burst into during the service.

This s*** is crazy and unacceptable. This is one of those situations that clearly got out of hand and no one took charge. Had I been there I would have unplugged all equipment, shut lights down and turned on the emergency exit signs rushing everyone THE HELL OUT! That would have been the only option, to Super Bowl Black Out that whole damn scenario. I always say we need to speak up more and call s*** out when it is obviously S***! Unfortunately, this church will barely be able to redeem itself. Who gives a damn if he gets redeemed for whatever? “Not I,” said the cat as I raise both hands in agreeance. The people are stuck with several memories and reminders and questions I’m sure.
At the end of it all, I hope the camera men made a good piece of change off of this.

Until our next talk people. I’m out!


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